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FRAMECAD Technology

About the steel structure

   The Australian model of the light steel houses we use is clearly superior to classic buildings (brick, wood, BCA), with a life span of over 200 years.

   Lightweight steel buildings are a durable, modern, reliable and inexpensive solution with high construction speed and low cost. The light steel used is in accordance with the European standards EN S550 GD, the thickness of the zinc layer is 275 g / sqm, and the surfaces are passivated. We can build commercial, storage, metallic halls and offer constructive and efficient solutions at unbeatable prices.

   The strength structure - the main structure of MBS (R) Lightweight Buildings, is made of lightweight zinc profiles giving a low weight of about 30 kg / sqm, which reduces costs and makes it easy to handle. High strength and low weight of profiles and materials result in a structure that meets all the requirements of strength and stability.

   The innovative "FRAMECAD" technology offers efficiency along with a great value-for-money ratio. Thanks to it, you will have a short production time of the structure, delivery and assembly. Throughout the work, we offer you consultancy at unbeatable prices.

   Our consultants will guide you through all stages of the project, from design, choice of solution, supply, production of building materials to delivery and installation of the metal house. We assure you that you will have one supplier for the entire construction of the metal house.

what does FRAMECAD mean?
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