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Ce construim?

industrial and services buildings

rezidential parks

A modern, thermally insulated, fast-built, earthquake-resistant home with excellent quality to price ratio.

We offer a wide range of industrial and service projects, executing various projects such as hotels, hospitals, schools, emergency homes, military buildings, industrial buildings and more.

Modern residential complexes can be both cheap and attractive for a wide range of clients. These types of real estate complexes are very easy and fast to pick up, presenting a number of advantages that are hard to ignore.




   FRAMECAD technology offers one of the most robust solutions in the market, being an advanced technology that uses light steel according to the highest European standards (EN S 550), C-type GD steel profiles, the thickness of the zinc layer being 275 g / sqm, the surfaces being passivated and cold-drawn.

   The main advantages of using steel for a building are to be very light, while maintaining a high level of resistance, thus eliminating some of the problems that make traditional buildings vulnerable to earthquakes.


   You feel safe! Metal structures are flexible so that a seismic disaster can not affect their structural integrity.


   Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes. The flexibility of steel allows buildings to easily survive moderate seismic activities without causing real structural damage.

   The steel is different from wood or concrete because the movement of the alloy does not cause permanent damage to the material,


The quality - price ratio is favorable to you! Thanks to FRAMECAD technology, metal structures are much cheaper than traditional ones.


A house can be taught:

to red in 24 hours

turnkey, with all covered issues in 7 days

energy efFiciency

Expenditure on energy consumption drops dramatically in projects made using FRAMECAD's advanced technology.


FRAMECAD adapts to any type of construction: commercial, storage, security, hospitals, schools, hotels, homes

The possibilities are endless.


Upon completion of the construction, our designers and builders will recommend a wide range of products that can be used to close the structures (both their own materials and the usual ones: brick, concrete, etc. depending on the project).

best insulation

The insulation we offer is of the highest quality using BASF polyurethane foam, with a 10-year warranty.

Make sure you feel comfortable in the summer, while winter, a constant high temperature.


The environment is protected throughout the duration of the works, but also during the construction use period.


The FRAMECAD software takes into account all aspects of the area where it is built, from the frequency of the earthquakes to the weather history.


The end result will be able to enjoy a modern, elegant, resilient and durable building.




The design of the project is the beginning. Whether we choose from one of the pre-existing designs or create one, a whole new and special one, this is the starting point.

The projects will take into account the location of the land, the legal specifications and the permissiveness of the area's urbanization certificate.


FRAMECAD contains the most complex and most efficient applications on the international market.

A multitude of factors are taken into account so that all aspects of the project are covered.


The production of the necessary materials for the structure is done in conditions of maximum efficiency, both in terms of time used, because the production is done on-site as well as in terms of the quality of the finished product, which is according to the European standards.


Unlike a similar project, built using traditional methods, assembling is done quickly, using much less labor, saving time and money.


The finishing possibilities are endless, the FRAMECAD solution can be combined with absolutely any traditional or innovative building material, reaching the final result desired by the client.


The project ends with the inauguration of the construction, which is part of the FRAMECAD global architectural family, along with the thousands of projects that have used this revolutionary technology.



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