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Industrial and services buildings



   Halls on the metallic structure are one of the most widely used building types around the world, having diverse destinations and covering the following areas:

  • industrial halls (specially designed to meet all the specific needs of the area, offering the maximum flexibility for all the necessary activities);

  • commercial halls;

  • agricultural halls;

  • storage halls;

  • production halls (allow for optimal workflow and lighting, naturally optimized).

  • logistics halls.

  • Compared to a structure made of concrete, a metallic hall has the advantage that it can be easily extended;

  • Since most component parts are made of prefabricated materials, the construction time is significantly reduced;

  • The structural strength of buildings is made of metallic profiles which give a reduced weight to the construction, which leads to reduced expenses and easy handling;

  • The structural elements are light and manipulate with a few workers, making the assembly easy on the scaffolding;

  • The resistance structure of the metal halls will be packed or assembled into structural elements. Each package contains either a structural element or part thereof. The package also contains the mounting plan for the item. Assembly is easy by following the mounting plans.

  • This type of halls does not require bolt housings in foundations. The grounding is simple, with chemical or mechanical anchors.

Halls and warehouses



  Commercial, industrial and warehousing facilities need to be built quickly, cost-effective, in order to properly respond to the need for growth and growth.

  The FRAMECAD system used by us ensures the implementation of complete solutions for this type of buildings.

  The FRAMECAD system allows us to bring the projects to the end, fitting within the deadlines, without this affecting in any way the quality of the final result.

  A virgin land can be transformed into a functional hotel as soon as possible, thanks to the techniques used and the fact that the entire building process takes place on the ground.

  Educational buildings can range from a few classrooms to full-time schools. They are built quickly, with low costs, both in developed areas and in developing areas throughout Romania, thus helping local and national development of the educational system.

  Also the high-quality insulation used ensures the comfort of the students and the teaching staff.



Temporary housing

  Using FRAMECAD technology, we design small, medium or even large projects in the medical field. From a few clinics to large medical complexes, we can ensure rapid development for these goals.

  The advantages of using FRAMECAD technology are best seen in areas affected by natural disasters, where short construction times are an absolute priority.

  Due to the different buildings that can be built with our technology, from barracks to ammunition depots or vehicle garages, the United States Army is one of the world's leading contractors of FRAMECAD solutions.

  We offer the ideal solution for medium-term accommodation of commercial or industrial projects, regardless of the scale at which the project is being carried out.

  All the buildings built in this way strictly adhere to all the standards in the field of construction, as well as the legislation in force.


necessity Dwellings

  The fast and modern metal structure we provide provide high-quality housing in the areas where they need it.

  Simple assembly presents another advantage in the sense that the speed of construction and completion of the works is very high.

  In situations such as the collapse of rural populations due to floods or fires, as was the case in Romania in recent years, the FRAMECAD solution we offer fits perfectly into the social context.

  The speed of realization, the low costs and the small number of workers who have to work effectively to make these temporary homes recommend this solution as the most appropriate in such cases.

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